Anoka Ramsey Athletic Association

2024 7th-9th Baseball House Registration



Welcome to the 2024 House Baseball registration for Anoka Ramsey Athletic Association!

This registration session will allow you to sign consents, complete contact information, volunteer deposit, fundraising deposit and submit payment.  To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Checking account information available.  Following the completion of this registration, you will see a charge on your account from Anoka Ramsey Athletic.


Deadline to register is April 1, 2024.


Payment Options:
You will be able to pay in full for registration, $755 - which includes the Registration fee + Volunteer Buy Out + Fundraising Buy Out - This means you do not participate in Volunteering or Fundraising.
You will pay using a payment plan with the first payment in May and final payment will include final registration cost + a volunteer bond if not fulfilled + fundraising bond if not fulfilled. ****It will look like you are going to be charged $500 - but you will not be charged this money. At payment click the arrow to see the money that will be charged and when. Come October 1, 2024 if you have not fulfilled your DIBs hours the $500 will be charged in the final payment.****


General Information:
League Play - Expect that your baseball player will be playing a game and/or have practice at least 2 nights a week.
Tournament Play - Expect to have at least 2 tournaments throughout the baseball season (and is additional to league play). Some games can be scheduled on Friday late afternoon/early evening depending on number of teams in the tournament. Most tournaments have a minimum of two games played with bracket play on Sunday.

Upcoming Uniform Information:
In the registration you will be given an option of standard length baseball pants or knickers. This year the pants will be generally available and information will be given on locations you can purchase additional pairs of pants. If you would like to try on any piece of the uniform you can do so during House Evaluations (held for 6th grade and under) on Saturday March 2nd.

Amy Rusert

Registration Coordinator

Kyle Leaf

Assistant Commissioner

Adam Byrd


ARAA Refund Policy

All requests for refunds must be made in writing and directed to that particular sport’s Commissioner. All refunds will be assessed a $15.00 processing fee. Please check with the individual sports commissioner to determine the refund policy for that sport. No refunds will be given once the season has started. Refunds for injuries occurring after the season starts may be allowed. In order to be entitled to partial refund for injuries, the injuries must be reported to the Sports Commissioner in writing, indicating the extent of your child’s injury, and that your child will not be able to participate in that sport for the remainder of the season. Contacting your child’s coach will not be accepted as suitable notification.