Anoka Ramsey Athletic Association

Registration Scholarship Grant-in-Aid


What is Registration Scholarship (Grant-in-Aid)?

ARAA believes that all children in our community should be able to participate in our sports despite their family’s income bracket. We offer a scholarship program which can help to subsidize program fees or offer payment plans.


This program is confidential and participating in it has no impact on the level of play your child will participate in no matter if they play in-house or traveling. Please contact the Commissioner of the sport your child plays or is interested in playing for more information.


Registration Scholarship is made possible by the generous donations of our local businesses, and through funds raised by our golf tournament and sponsorship dinner.

How is the amount of Scholarship Determined?

The ARAA Scholarship committee reviews all registration scholarship applications. A representative of the committee may contact you for further information so we can better serve you.


While ARAA has a limited amount of money set aside for Registration Scholarship (Grant-in-Aid), we’ll do our best to help all families. Since ARAA is 100% volunteer dependent, we require that in exchange for Registration, all recipients provide volunteer time to the organization.


Our sports programs are run by volunteers, and we ask for your patience with our volunteers that might take time to complete your application process due to other obligations.  As a baseline, each recipient will be asked to fulfill 6 hours of volunteer time.  This is in addition to any volunteer time the sport your child will be playing.


The scholarship process may take up to 10 days for the application to be processed and reviewed.  Please make sure your application is submitted at least 10 days prior to the registration deadline of the sport in which you are applying to give us, and the sport enough time to roster and plan for your participation.

How will I know if I received a Registration Scholarship (Grant-in-Aid)?

Registration Scholarship applications are reviewed by our committee in an ongoing basis.  A representative may contact you for clarification on your application.  Following our review a representative of the committee will contact you with the status of your application.

How is my confidential information handled?

Only ARAA's Registration Scholarship committee members see your information.  If you receive a scholarship your sports' commissioner will also see your information to ensure the registration process goes smoothly.

All applications are confidential and only used to assess need.


Please direct questions to:

Katie Hale

Volunteer Coordinator